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Provides one stop digital payment solutions for private and public companies. Depending on the size and field of your company, we have different products and services to meet your requirements. Our solutions are optimized and customized to fit every organization needs.
Ngazi Technologies has secured business, with a leading clients in banking,telecom and retail industries in Africa.


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Product Offerings

This is our primary product which enable bank customers to move money from their mobile money wallets to their bank accounts and vice versa. It also allows customers to perform payments

Our mobile banking gateway can be configured an API gateway to as translate request from different bank channels core banking into system requests.

This product gives a bank the ability to collect cash on behalf of its clients such as schools, wholesale shops, hospitals etc. Customers are registered on a client portal and given a permanent payment number to be used whenever they want to pay the client via mobile money or bank account. It keeps record of who paid, what amount is paid, and the purpose of the payment

This product enables a business to generate instantbill such as water bill, electricity bill etc. The generated bill is delivered to customer by means of SMS notification with the payment reference number. The customer use the payment reference number to pay the bill via mobile money or bank account.

Our group saving product allow SACCOS and other formal groups to register members, enable member to buy shares, request loans,and repay loans.

We offer cutting edges Digital Lending Systems for Banks, Credit unions, and other Financial institutions that improve operations and digital lending processes in order to stay more competitive in today's world of digital lending.

We use the latest Technology and tools in delivering world-classic mobile app development and designing services across all platforms.


To provide businesses with high standard & reliable & cost effective digital payment solutions.


Be a game changer in t h e digital payment solutions industry.


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